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Chit Chat with author and philosopher Tim Freke on making the mundane magical. Go beyond feeling bored or burdened by rediscovering the mystery of life.

Chit Chat with Sandy about his books, philosophies, past failures and frustrations, the advice he'd give to his younger self, and why more power, peace and potential is possible in the present.

Chit Chat with Ali Campbell - world renowned life coach and best-selling author. We talk about the optimum state for self-healing and life success, along with strategies to reset your mindset.

Club Cast with highlights from a recent Mind Detox Club webinar. Sandy talks about how the world events may be both challenging and satisfying our human needs. Also, why life may be less about the survival of the fittest, and more about survival of the freest.

Chit Chat with monk and meditation teacher - Bhaga. We talk about how he overcame fear and control to find a rock solid inner peace and courage.

Chit Chat with numerologist Richard Abbot. We talk about numerology’s take on 2020, how to know if we’ve ever become accidentally brainwashed, and discuss staying strong amidst everything that’s going on this year. | Hosted by 'The Mind Detox Monk' Sandy C Newbigging. 

Chit Chat with ex-scientist and author Dr David Hamilton about the many significant scientific benefits of meditation - including pain relief and even living longer. | Hosted by 'The Mind Detox Monk' Sandy C. Newbigging.

CALMDEMIC (Part 3) | Sandy Newbigging (The Mind Detox Monk) shares his Calm Cure method for helping you to find more peace and freedom with anything that's happening in your life and world - and guides you through the first step of the method on the pandemic!

CALMDEMIC (Part 2) | Sandy Newbigging (The Mind Detox Monk) shares the Body Calm Philosophy - including why it's so important to clear fear from the body and rediscover real rest. Sandy also guides you through a 14-minute Body Calm Meditation.

CALMDEMIC (Part 1) | Sandy Newbigging (The Mind Detox Monk) welcomes you to the first Mind Detox Podcast! He shares how to keep calm and remain resilient during uncertain times. Sandy shares 3 strategies that can quickly improve your life.


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